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CCNP Datacenter Journey – DCCOR 350-601 and DCIT 300-615 – Resources


I’m working towards attaining the CCNP: Data Center certification.  I’ll be compiling a list of resources and tips that I used along the way.


VMware Workstation Pro –

Cisco Modeling Labs –

UCS Emulator –

ACI Simulator – (If you don’t have access to the software you can work with a Cisco SE to grant you access)

Use this command in Linux to merge the downloaded files into a single OVA to import into VMware Workstation

cat acisim-5.2-1g_part1.ova acisim-5.2-1g_part2.ova acisim-5.2-1g_part3.ova acisim-5.2-1g_part4.ova acisim-5.2-1g_part5.ova acisim-5.2-1g_part6.ova > acisim-5.2-1g.ova


Cisco Press Official Cert Guide
INE CCNP:DC training course
CBT Nuggets CCNP:DC training course